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Eating disorders (ED) are severe mental health conditions that develop through patterns of disturbed eating, behavior's or body image. Each ED is unique and can present in different ways, each with its own set of characteristics, symptoms and warning signs.

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Diet and nutrition education is essential to your journey to recovery. ED can lead to mild or severe consequences due to nutritional depletion or excess. 

It is important to receive specialist professional support to ensure we can assist in areas that are not manageable alone. The concept of better health facilitates the ability to remain out of hospital, to manage crises and relapses and physiological changes that may result as part of the recovery process.

Have you tried SOBER?

S.O.B.E.R Breathing Technique is a mindfulness based practice that assists in the control or management of relapse triggers or stressful situations. SOBER helps replace unhealthy habits or acting out on impulsive thoughts or behavior's. Pausing allows the individual using this technique to think more rationally.

It stands for Stop, Observe, Breathe, Evaluate, Respond.

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Support for eating disorders

Specified & Non-Specified Eating Disorders

AMANAH understand that having a healthy relationship with food can be extremely difficult, in an age of  growing, competitive, unhealthy food chains and ever-changing beauty standards for both men and women. It's easy to feel at war with yourself and for this to result in eating disorders, body dysmorphia, physical health problems and so on.


Dietitians play a fundamental role in helping patients recover through the psychology of their eating habits and helping get to the root cause of negative thoughts or belief patterns, gradually enabling them to build a more nutritional diet. Mindfulness aimed towards nutrition and eating as a whole will provide educational support (psychoeducation). We help you set realistic and achievable goals that are safe and rewarding for health optimization and increased quality of life, peace of mind and control around social aspects of your life, helping to minimize waiting times and lists, negative thought patterns, preventing eating disorders and suicide and mortality rates.

Our multidisciplinary team are available to help you improve your nutritional intake to support your individual needs so you can live a more healthier and balanced life, whilst our dieticians help you normalize your relationship with food Talk with us confidentially today.

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Specialist eating disorders and mental health service for Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Facilitating you towards better health. 

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