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Are you or someone you know suffering from an eating disorder? Mental health complications? Or substance and alcohol dependency? Do you find yourself stuck in a never ending binge cycle? Or turning towards unhealthy coping mechanisms? Feeling helpless or hopeless? 

Have a browse through our self help resources or complete a contact form for more information on the best ways we can help you.

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Here at AMANAH we want to help you develop healthier coping strategies to improve the way you manage your emotions and life events around you. Help is always available without any judgement.

We offer respite care to ensure you have a supportive team around you as you come to terms with your mental health, substance or alcohol dependency or eating disorder.

Our service ensures that you are always in control of your own care, mental and physical wellbeing, that you are able to recover and live as independently as possible and face fewer or manageable relapses, hence improving your overall quality of life.


Psychotherapy support for Alcohol or substance misuse

Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy that assists in understanding and confronting emotional difficulties or mental health conditions that may be impacting different areas of a persons life. With the benefits of talking therapy, the patient can identify between symptoms that are troubling them, improve mental, physical, emotional and social functioning whilst benefitting from and increasing healing.

Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) amongst diet and nutrition education and medicinal interventions are one of proven and effective methods used to treat mental health, eating disorders and substance or alcohol dependency.

Psychotherapy helps with replacing negative thoughts or behavior's with positive ones, boosts confidence, improves dietary and social relationships, promotes healing, recovery, self management, overall wellbeing and increased life satisfaction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a popular form of psychotherapy that is widely used by psychologists, counsellors and mental health clinicians. The pioneer of CBT was Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist at the university of Pennsylvania. CBT is focused on supporting patients with and replacing unwanted or unhelpful patterns of automatic thoughts, these consist of three categories of negative thoughts 1. about themselves, 2. about the world and 3. of the future.

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Receive ongoing support and tailored counselling or psychotherapy to help you on your journey to becoming sober. Our team are highly trained and experienced to offer friendly and steady guidance.

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The treatment path for drug dependence is pretty much the same as alcohol related problems. The process is split into 3 stages of immediate action, exploration and skills for change and preparation for coping in the future.

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We structure our counselling sessions with clients so that they are able to:

  1. Establish rapport and relationships 

  2. Assess the identifying and presenting problems 

  3. Identifying and setting goals

  4. Choosing and initiating interventions

  5. Support with planning and introducing termination and follow up

Our main priority is offering support services that our customers can rely on. If you have ever needed our services, we'd appreciate a moment of your time to leave us some feedback so we can continue to improve our services.

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Specialist eating disorders and mental health service for Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Facilitating you towards better health. 

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