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Na'layn is a noun from the Arabic language meaning, a pair, of shoes or sandals. The concept was coined by the founder to symbolise the 'first step' or stages. An active step towards acceptance is a step closer to treatment or recovery by means of reaching out for help.

a specialist eating disorders and mental health service for men. NALAYN wanted to create an environment sensitive to the presence of men in an otherwise female-dominated space.

NALAYN took into consideration the difficult challenges of accessing support and treatment that is free from judgement, discrimination and prejudice. NALAYN is focused on achieving a service that is highly supportive of treatment options that facilitate inclusion, diversity and equality, a necessity for long-term stability, recovery, relapse prevention, harm minimisation and of the rising prevalence of diseases, mental health illnesses and suicide amongst the male population nationally or internationally.

To ensure the long-term success of our clients and establishment of a male only treatment facility, we understand the process requires patience, time and evidence based research in an area that lacks explicit guidelines surrounding male-only treatment spaces.

Is mental health different to how men may experience mental decline compared to women? Research suggests that whilst gender stereotypes exist such as being 'thick skinned, strong, dominant, in-control, breadwinners' they are still 'damaging' in preventing men to be able to reach out.
Whilst men are more likely to turn towards more damaging coping strategies than women, such as drugs and alcohol. Some characteristics of ill mental health may present differently within their individual behavior's, through developmental or major life stages.

We can only use relevant evidence base statistics according to what is reported and made available, however the true scale of the presenting problem's may not be addressed as many cases go unreported.

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Finding Support That Works For You

Here at ©NALAYN we specialize in eating disorders recovery, mental health wellness and management, alcohol and substance misuse. The team at  NALAYN are experienced, qualified and trained professionals that you can rely on and trust. 

We understand the complexities of reaching out and asking for help and how difficult that can be for some.

Rest assured, you might wonder, 'How long does it take to recover?' Their is no way to quantify the length of time it may take someone to recover, because recovery is different for everyone.


We offer a person centered approach in everything that we do and address issues that are preventing men from accessing the services they need. This might involve challenging gender discrimination or stereotypes, raising awareness and offering education, listening to your individual experiences and what barriers you faced to overcome those.


We offer a range of complementary therapies, around the clock care and have the opportunity to speak to staff with lived experiences.


Accessing treatment for management and recovery can look differently for everyone, for some it can take weeks or months, whilst for others it may take years. Whilst some may experience mild challenges, for more severe psychiatric disorders, people can experience lifelong obstacles that take years of treatment.


Here at ©NALAYN you can take advantage of motivational support from peers, learn new essential life skills and heaps loads of more confidence and resources that provide long lasting benefits. 

We value every step you take and would love to hear from you or your lived experiences.

For more information or to share your experience and thoughts around eating disorders or mental health, contact us on

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If you are concerned about your relationship with food or have struggled with an eating disorder in the past, it can be very challenging to reach out for support. To find out more on how we can assist you, give us a call on 0114 6989898 or email us at



Our staff are here to provide practical help and support during the course of your treatment and following discharge. We know how life changing it can be getting the right support earlier on and increasing life satisfaction.

Learning to be in control of your mental health is a very brave and empowering step that will benefit both your professional and personal life.



NALAYN strongly emphasizes the need to support men with their mental health and improving access to treatment options and resources that facilitate tools to improve their quality of life and better health.

Our main priority is offering support services that our customers can rely on. If you have ever needed our services, we'd appreciate a moment of your time to leave us some feedback so we can continue to improve our services.

©AMANAH & ©NALAYN, facilitating you towards Better Health

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Mental health and eating disorders service for men.

Specializing in eating disorders recovery, mental health wellness and management, alcohol and substance misuse. 

Facilitating you towards better health.

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