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A trusted & qualified Multi-disciplinary team you can rely on and speak to with full confidence. Find out more today.

We offer free consultations to find a care plan suited to your needs. We are a private, specialist eating disorder and mental health service. You can contact us and trust us to facilitate a service that supports your recovery towards better health in a dignified and inclusive manner. 

Choose an option that you feel most comfortable with be that email, over the phone, live chat or through social media pages.

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Find Support With Managing Your Mental Health

AMANAH are a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced, qualified and trained professionals within their individual roles. We aim to understand each case on an individual basis.


We understand that everyone is unique and mental health problems can also be unique to each individual who experiences them. We provide each person with a person centered approach.

AMANAH offers a respite service, which means you can take advantage of complimentary therapies, around the clock care, speak to staff with lived experiences, receive additional motivational support from clients and peers, learn new essential life skills and heaps loads of more confidence and resources. 

  • Our respite service packages can range from a minimum of 12-20 weeks per admission.

  • We are not a locked unit, which means you have the choice to access local services.

  • We do not prescribe medication.

  • We do work in accordance with the Mental Health Act and relevant policies and regulations.

  • We do support transitions services

  • We do offer online support to paying clients

  • We do collect data for statistics and research purposes (anonymous).

  • We do offer post discharge follow-up support.

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If you're concerned about your mental health and wish to gain deeper understanding on how to manage your wellbeing, speak with one of our team members today.

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If you require extra help managing existing mental health conditions, our team can offer advice and guidance to offer treatment and improve gradual recovery. 

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Our support groups are run by qualified members of staff. We generally see people with minor-moderate mental health needs. Once an individual has consented to assessment and treatment we do inform the clients GP, this is so to demonstrate that you have chosen to consent to assessment and treatment and a form of talking therapies.

Our main priority is offering support services that our customers can rely on. If you have ever needed our services, we'd appreciate a moment of your time to leave us some feedback so we can continue to improve our services.

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Specialist eating disorders and mental health service for Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Facilitating you towards better health. 

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